HeroWarz FAQ
Get the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about HeroWarz.

About the Game

What is HeroWarz?
Who is developing HeroWarz?
Is HeroWarz open world or instance-based?
Does HeroWarz require a subscription or purchase?
Is there PvP in HeroWarz?
Is there Guild PvP in HeroWarz?
Is there Group Content in HeroWarz?
Am I allowed to stream HeroWarz on Twitch.tv or create YouTube videos about HeroWarz?


What type of character classes can I play as in HeroWarz?
Can I customize my character?

Technical Questions

What are the minimum system requirements for HeroWarz?
What languages does HeroWarz support?
How do I sign up for HeroWarz?
Which regions can access the game?
Are player suggestions taken into consideration?
Are there different servers for each region?
Is the game accessible from smartphones or tablet PCs?
Which internet browsers are supported?
How do I download HeroWarz?
Can I choose a forum name that differs from my In-Game Name?

Pre-CBT FAQ [Closed]

OBT FAQ [Closed]