Ramirez Theme 01:
Here I AM!
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Ramirez Theme 02:
Don't Mess With Me
HeroWarz presents the stirring sound of Ramirez,
brought to life by Maks_SF.
Listen to these tunes that perfectly capture the new hero
Ramirez's explosive personality. A composer, producer, and
self-confessed music maniac from Minsk, Belarus,
Maks_SF is a talented artist who creates different kinds of music, including synthwave, ambient,
electronic rock, industrial, and trailer soundtracks. He is also
the manager of his own hybrid music label, Venator Music.

Enjoy Ramirez’s fierce soundtrack, and check out Maks_SF
on social media for more of his music!
Untitled Project Of Maks_SF
I Am Maks_SF