Mystery Shop
Don’t you just love a surprise? Drop by the Mystery Shop for a serving of excitement!

If receiving surprise equipment is your thing, then you can expect to be one happy camper at the Mystery Shop. High-ranked items such as Rare, Epic, and Wonder equipment can be found here, too. Check it out!

Mystery Shop Basics

  • Find the NPCs Vice and Ali Baba to access the Mystery Shops.
    • Vice – His merchandise varies depending on the location.
      • Historic Service Headquarters: Mystery Item Shop – Armor NPC
      • Liberation Wing: Mystery Item Shop – Weapon NPC
    • Ali Baba
      • Liberation Wing: Mystery Item Shop – Armor NPC
  • You can use nearly every currency in these shops, depending on the merchandise you want to buy.
    • Penny
    • Gold Coin
    • Epic Coin
    • Wonder Coin
    • Maya’s Necklace Fragment
    • Currency acquired from dismantling
      • Emblem Exchange Tickets – from emblems
      • Clock Cogwheel – from epic clocks
      • Mount Wheel – from mounts


  • Mystery Shops are divided between Weapon and Armor.
    • Weapon – Select one of the preset types:
      • Random Weapon
      • Powerful Weapon
      • Super Fast Weapon
      • Mana-Efficient Weapon, etc.
    • Armor
      • Purchase by part
      • Clock, Mount, Emblem, and other items that do not have Depth may also be obtainable here.



  • At the Mystery Shops in Liberation Wing, you will find basic slots and jackpot slots.
    • You can acquire items from the basic slots up to 10 times a day, using a combination of Epic Coins, Maya’s Necklace Fragments, and pennies.
    • Jackpot slots will contain any of these three item categories: emblem, clock, or mount. You can acquire items from each of the available slots once a day. Depending on the item category, you’ll also need Emblem Exchange Tickets, Clock Cogwheels, or Mount Wheels to get items from this section.