Costume Recycle System
Dismantle your costume into cloth and make a better one. Craft awesome outfits in HeroWarz!

Are you the kind of player who likes to change your looks regularly, or are you more of a skill-oriented conqueror who likes to explore various capabilities built into the outfits you wear? Either way, you’re sure to have fun with the Costume Recycle System. Find out more about it, and visit Mad Hatter and Gabriel today!

Costume Recycle Basics

  • You can now dismantle costumes to gain cloth pieces. Use these to craft or improve outfits through the corresponding NPCs at Historic Server Headquarters or Liberation Wing.
    • Common Cloth – Acquired from dismantling Uncommon costumes
    • Luxurious Cloth – Acquired from dismantling Designer and Venus costumes
  • Find the NPC Mad Hatter to trade cloth for the following items. Aside from costume pieces, you can select the Costume Repackager, a wrapping material that, when used, allows you to unbind a costume piece from a hero and make it tradeable once more.
    • Costume Gacha 
      • These boxes yield a random costume style from those usually found as monster drops.
      • Requires 15x Common Cloth
      • Select hair, top, bottoms, or shoes
    • Venus Collection 
      • These boxes yield costume pieces from the currently featured Venus Collection.
      • The resulting piece will be for the hero you’re currently playing.
      • Requires 80x Luxurious Cloth
      • Select hair, top, bottom, shoes, eye piece, ear piece, mouth piece, or cape
    • Costume Repackager
      • Use this to wrap a single costume piece.
      • Requires 5x Common Cloth
    • Costume Repackager x5
      • Use each one to wrap a single costume piece.
      • Requires 6x Luxurious Cloth
  • Look for NPC Gabriel if you want a different skill option for your costume.
    • This is a costume skill option random re-identification system that helps raise the battle efficiency of your selected costume piece.
    • From your inventory on the right side, select/right-click on the costume piece that you want to have imbued with a different skill option.
    • You must have the necessary number of cloth pieces and pennies to pay for the transaction. The type of cloth required will depend on the type of your selected costume.
    • Select the skill you want to change, then click the button, and a random skill option from a list of possible results will be set.