Diving System
Increase the depth of your equipment in HeroWarz.
  • If you like the options or stats of certain equipment but the equipment lacks the depth, you can increase the depth of that item to continue using it. In HeroWarz, this process is referred to as Diving.
  • Diving can be accessed through the NPC, IQ in the Liberation’s Wings Base Camp.
  • Diving requires a target equipment item, material, currency, and Pennies.
    • Target Item
      • An equipment item that has the options you’d like to keep
      • Must have at least 100 Depth and rare rank or higher.
    • Material
      • An equipment that is the same slot as the Target Item.
      • This item must be higher depth than the target item.
      • The item’s rank must be equal or greater than the target item.
    • Currency
      • A new type of currency [Unknown Dust] is required.
      • The amount of required Pennies and dust varies depending on the material item’s depth and rank.
  • Diving may succeed or fail.
    • If you use higher ranked material or [Known Dust] as a material, the chance of success will increase.
    • When successful, the depth will increase by a certain amount.
    • When it fails, all materials will disappear.
  • Diving does not change the item’s options or stats.