Vegas System
The prize is an awesome buff if you win at the slots in HeroWarz. Try it out!

The Vegas System is a random buff system that appears only in Story Missions. This is how it works:

  • Every time you defeat a monster, the slots on your screen will fill up.
  • When one slot is filled, an icon will appear.
  • If all 3 slots show the same icon, the Vegas buff effect will activate.
  • If your character is defeated, the Vegas buff effect disappears.

Here is a list of the buffs that can be acquired from the Vegas System.

  1. Penny Time. For 40 seconds, Penny drop rate increases by 100%.
  2. Fever Time. For 40 seconds, Character EXP gained increases by 100%.
  3. Galliano Time. For 40 seconds, Item Drop rate increases by 100%.
  4. Mana Liberation. For 40 seconds, Mana recovered per second increases by 200.
  5. Speed Racer. For 40 seconds, your attack speed increases by 100% and your movement speed increases by 50%.
  6. Cooldown Reduction. All Sidekick cooldowns will reset. For 40 seconds, sidekick skill cooldown is reduced by 70% and character skill cooldown is reduced by 50%.
  7. Critical Effect. For 40 seconds, critical hit damage increased by 60%.
  8. Steel Barrier. For 40 seconds, you will have super armor status with a barrier that is 5 times your maximum HP & cannot be grabbed.