How to Set Your Trade Password

Certain community features in HeroWarz require setting up and using a trade password. These protected in-game features include personal trading and the mailbox. The trade password is an added security measure to help keep your account and information safe. Here’s how you can set up and start using your trade password.

  1. Visit your account page by logging in here:
    Important: It’s required to login to the game first before setting up your trade password

  2. Click on Edit Profile, then the HeroWarz Security Settings button.
  3. Input your desired trade password in the designated field. It must be a numerical combination exactly 6 digits long, and cannot contain 4 of the same numbers consecutively. Please memorize your trade password, and do not disclose it to anyone.
  4. You must also set 3 pairs of security questions and answers. When you’re done, press Submit.
  5. Congratulations! You may now use your trade password in-game.