Game User Interface
Easily find the information you need on the HeroWarz screen.

  1. Party Member: Shows the current party members in the same field.
  2. VIP Benefit: Displays the current rank and benefits from VIP.
  3. Map Info: Shows the name of the current map.
  4. Mini Map: Shows the current field’s mini map.
  5. Chat Window: You can chat with other players.
  6. Battle Start: Allows you to start a battle or leave if needed.
  7. Menu / Navigation: Shows icons for viewing character info, inventory and other options. You can use the Navigation to complete Story Missions or participate in Pantheon and other soon to be added modes.
  8. Skill: Shows the current skills and cooldown time.
  9. Sidekick: You can see your equipped sidekicks.
  10. Buff: Shows currently applied buffs.
  11. Health / Mana: Shows the current character’s health and mana.
  12. Potion: Shows HP Potion and the number of Froyd Potions available on the account.
  13. Control Mode: You can check your current control mode or switch it by clicking the button.
  14. Deus Report Notice: Shows notices such as when you receive Deus Reports.