Newbies Guide

Derrick tells Ramirez how to navigate back to HQ.
Battle Start
Audrey wants all the pennies, and Derrick tells her how to start a dungeon instance.
Health (HP)
Nagne learns about health and potions from Bi-Gwang, but all he wants is choco pie.
Picking Up an Item Drop
Derrick tells Mac to pick up some new gear.
Mouse and Keyboard Modes
Myriad's hand hurts from using the mouse, so Derrick tells her how to switch to keyboard mode.
How to Whisper
Derrick helps Mary figure out how to send whispers to Ram.
Hwaran learns about cooldown from Derrick.
Identifying Items
Derrick teaches Ramirez about item identification, and introduces him to Lapin and Masces.
Learning and Swapping Skills
Tom learns new skills and swaps them.
Add Friends and Send Hearts
Ara right-clicks on Derrick so the two of them can become friends.
Pings and Quick Voice Commands
Tiger helps Derrick out. In turn, Derrick drops some hints.
Get Mounts from Koscheck
Derrick teaches Audrey, Mary, and Mac about mounts.
Team Locker
Voice, Mary, and Hwaran talk about how to use the Team Locker.
Upgrading Your Weapon
Nagne learns about weapon upgrades with Bi-Gwang and Yabo.
Resurrect a Party Member
Derrick brings Ramirez back to life.