Party Play
Wouldn’t you like to have other players around to resurrect you when you’ve fallen? Find the next available player and party up!

Party UI

  • You can access the UI through the Community tab inside the Contents tab.
  • Party UI consists of the ‘Party Finder’ window and ‘Party Info’ window.
  • In the Party Finder window, you can either create a party or search for one that is already created.
  • The Party Info window becomes active when you join a party. Here you can access the current party’s info and other functions.

Creating a Party

  • In the Party Finder window, press the ‘Create Party’ button to create a party.
  • When creating a party, you can enter the minimum Depth required the join the party. Once the minimum depth is set, any players that are lower than the minimum depth will not be able to send a request to join the party.
  • You can also make the party private by entering a 4-digit numerical password.
  • When a party is created, it will be listed in the Party Finder window. However, you can always choose to make your party unlisted in the Party Finder window.

Party Search

  • Using the search function, you can enter the name of the party or the depth limit to find the party that satisfies your need.

Joining a Party

  • In the party UI, you can search for a party of your choice and send a request to join, or send a request directly to the Party Lead.
  • A party can hold up to 4 players.

Party Chat

  • Whenever players are in the same party, they will have an option to chat amongst each other through the party chat feature.
  • If you select the party chat tab, you will automatically type in the party channel.
  • Or you can use the party chat by using the chat command, [ /p ]


  • You can use the ‘Recall’ function to gather all party members to your current location.

Party Leader

  • The player that creates a party becomes the Party Leader. The Party Leader can kick a party member from the party or disband the party.
  • If a Party Leader leaves the party, a random player will become the Party Leader and the Party Leader can also pass on the Party Leader position to a party member.

Party Member Benefits

  • One of the best things about playing in a party is having heroes around that can resurrect you when you’ve fallen during a fight.
  • When two or more party members are attacking the same monster, the damage dealt increases.