Hot Keys

Quick Voice / Sidekick

  • F1 ~ F4: Use these keys to deploy any sidekicks that are equipped in these slots.
  • F1 ~ F4 / F5 ~ F8 (ATV): You can use the Thank, Praise, Sorry, and Help quick voice.
  • F5 (Mount): You can use the Mount Message while you are mounted.

Social Action

  • F9 ~ F12 / 7, 8, 9, 0, -, =: You can trigger a variety of social actions.

Movement and Skill Use

  • W, A, S, D: Use these keys to move your character in keyboard mode. (Directional controls ↑←↓→)
  • 1 ~ 6 / Q, E, R, T / Space: These are the controls for using the character’s skills. You can also level up your character’s skill in ATV.

Menu and Etc

  • ESC: Close the Game Window or bring up the ESC Menu. You can also cancel captions with it.
  • Print Screen: You can take a screenshot while playing. (Save Loc: My Documents/HeroWarz)
  • Insert: You can zoom in on your character inside the base camp.
  • Delete: You can change the camera view inside the base camp.
  • ~/`: You can reply to other people’s whispers.
  • Tab: You can open the sidekick window.
  • Tab (ATV): You can look at the score board in ATV.
  • Shift: You can move without attacking the monsters in the way.
  • Ctrl: You can skip the caption.
  • Alt: Alt + Left click the ground on the mini map to ping the location.
  • Y: Mount or dismount. (You can also mount up using the Num Lock key.)
  • I: Open your inventory.
  • O: Open your trait window.
  • P: Open your mailbox.
  • F: Hold down the key to collect all nearby pennies.
  • G: Make a tent.
  • K: Open your skill window.
  • L: Open your friends list.
  • Z: Use an HP Potion in ATV or the hunting grounds.
  • X: Use Froyd Potion (Cash Potion).
  • C: Open your character info screen.
  • V: Use an interactive object on the map, or resurrect a fallen ally.
  • B: Return to Base Camp
  • N: Open the Navigation window.
  • , : Open the Deus Report
  • ↑, ↓: Show previous or next chat messages.
  • Alt + Z: Hide all UI