Game Options
In HeroWarz, you can modify various settings such as graphics and sounds to suit your play style and preferences.
  • You can change the game settings on the bottom left of the screen or by pressing the ‘ESC’ button to bring up the menu.
  • In the Options menu, you can change Graphics, Gameplay, Camera, and Sound related settings.
  • When you have changed the settings, be sure to click ‘Confirm’ before closing the Options window.
  • Some settings may require a client restart to take effect.
  • If you click the ‘Reset’ button, all settings will go back to its default state. (Confirmation is required.)


  • Mode: Players can choose Window or Full Screen Mode of their game client.
  • Monitor: Players can change the screen resolution of the game client. Maximum resolution will depend on the computer being used.
  • Specs: Change the overall quality of the in-game graphics. Toggle through 5 levels of quality.
  • Vertical Sync: Turn your vertical sync on or off. You may raise the game client’s performance by turning this feature off but it might distort part of the screen.
  • Other Players’ Effects: You can set the spell/skill effects of other players in the game to translucent or opaque.
  • Anti-Aliasing: This feature removes the staircase effect that occurs in 3D games. Options are None, Weak, Medium, and Strong.


  • Use Keyboard Mode: The computer mouse is the default movement control.Check the box to use the keyboard instead.
  • Target Lock-On: Turn the target lock feature on or off.
  • View Speech Bubbles: Turn the character’s or NPC’s speech bubble on or off.
  • View My Nickname: Show or hide the nickname and level of your character.
  • View Others’ Nickname: Show or hide the nickname and level of other characters.
  • Use Mouse to Activate Ultimate Skill in ATV: You can use the ultimate skill in ArenaTV by clicking both right and left mouse buttons at once.


  • Field: Change the camera angle while in the field. Choose from a total of 3 points of view.
  • Town: Change the camera angle while in a town. Here you can choose between 2 points of view.
  • Prevent Camera Shaking: Disable the camera shake function when using character skills.


  • Master Volume: Set the volume of all sound settings.
  • Effects Volume: Set the volume of sound effects.
  • Ambient: Set the volume of ambient sound.
  • BGM: Set the volume of background music.
  • Cheering Voice: You can turn the cheering voice on or off.