Combat and Controls
Learn the basics and lead your team of heroes into battle in HeroWarz.

Mouse / Keyboard Mode

  • You can change from Mouse Mode to Keyboard Mode or vice versa by clicking the mode button on the main UI or through the gameplay options menu.

  • During Mouse Mode, you will move to your target location by left-clicking on it.
  • During Keyboard Mode, you can move your character with the WASD keys (Directional controls ↑←↓→).

Attack and Movement

  • You can fight or move using your mouse or the keyboard.
  • Regardless of Mouse Mode or Keyboard Mode, basic attacks are done by mousing over an enemy and pressing the left mouse button on them.

  • You can also attack by simply holding the left mouse button over the enemy.
  • Part of the skills learned later on can be used with the keyboard.

Health and Mana

  • Your Health will decrease whenever you are attacked or use a skill that consumes your health.
  • Mana is consumed whenever you use a skill that consumes your mana.


  • Your reduced health will also naturally recover during combat and can also be restored using meat or potions during combat.
  • Mana also recovers naturally and can be recovered using supplies.
  • Your maximum mana increases as you level up.
  • The Z Key HP Potion has unlimited use and while the X Key Froyd Potion can be purchased from the Venus Shop (Cash Shop).


  • You can level your character up by gaining experience by defeating monsters.
  • Your combat and survivability goes up as you level and you can also learn new skills or equip new gears.

  • Team Level is determined by combining the level of all your characters.
  • When your Team Level increases, you might be able to play different characters and receive a variety of rewards.
  • You can check your team level from the player list found on the character info screen or the character selection screen.

Death and Resurrection

  • When your hero’s Health reaches 0, it dies and loses parts of the experience it possesses.
  • There will be a resurrection timer once you die and you won’t be able to do anything until the timer reaches 0. When it reaches 0, you can resurrect with all your health and mana fully recovered.
  • You can press the V key near a deceased party member to resurrect them.
  • If you are resurrected by another player, you can resurrect right away without a death timer and recover parts of the lost EXP.


  • When you eliminate monsters, they have a chance to drop an item.

  • You can left click an item or pennies to retrieve them or they will be retrieved automatically after a certain time.
  • You can collect the pennies on the floor by holding the ‘F’ key.


  • Each map has a variety of objects.

  • Some objects will summon more monsters when destroyed. Others can be used by pressing the ‘V’ key.
  • Some objects are renewed shortly after they have been destroyed or used.