Downloading and Installation
You can start playing HeroWarz using your internet browser, but it also requires installation on your computer the first time you log-in. Read up on how to properly install the game.

IMPORTANT: Played HeroWarz before? Note that patching or updating an existing HeroWarz client is done in a similar way. Just log-in, click the Play Now button, and let the prompts guide you through the process. (Supported browsers are usually able to detect an existing installation of HeroWarz even when you switch from one browser to another.)


Chrome Installation Setup | Internet Explorer Setup | Internet Explorer via Microsoft Edge | Mozilla Firefox


Important Notice: Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 is currently unsupported for use with HeroWarz. If you’re currently using Microsoft Edge, here’s how you can easily continue to Internet Explorer and proceed with downloading and installation.
  1. While viewing the HeroWarz homepage with your Microsoft Edge browser, click the More actions icon (the ellipsis or ‘…’ icon) in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Select ‘Open with Internet Explorer’.

  3. When the page opens up in Internet Explorer, proceed to login and click the Play Now button. Click here to view the Internet Explorer setup guide.