Downloading and Installation
You can start playing HeroWarz using your internet browser, but it also requires installation on your computer the first time you log-in. Read up on how to properly install the game.



  1. Using Internet Explorer browser on your computer, go to the HeroWarz website.
  2. Login using an activated HeroWarz account and click on PLAY NOW. A popup window will appear. Click on START.
  3. This will activate the plugin installer required to run the game. Click on OK.
  4. During plugin installation, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the page that requires adding an extension. Click on ‘Install’ to proceed.

  5. Another pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the page that requires running (or saving) ‘MCSetup_OneClick.exe’ file.
  6. Open ‘MCSetup_OneClick’ to begin installation. Click on ‘Run’ to install and follow each step of the process.

    • Click ‘Next’

    • Click ‘Install’

    • Click ‘Next’

    • Wait as the process step initiates.

    • Click ‘Finish’

  7. When the setup is finished, a new window will automatically open and will prompt you to run the HeroWarz downloader. Click on ‘Run’ to install and follow along the steps.
  8. Once the HeroWarz downloader installation is complete, click on OPEN. Make sure you are still logged in to the HeroWarz website via IE. Back on your IE browser, click on the START button one more time.
  9. Once the game launcher appears, press START GAME.

    You may have to wait for it to check for available patches and update accordingly, but once that’s done, you are now ready to play HeroWarz.